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U8 Rules

U8 Boys/Girls Intramural Soccer Rules

U-8 B/G Game Rules:

1. 4 players; no goalie (do not have a player stand in front of the goal all game, the defender should stay connected, and play about 10 yards behind the ball)

2. Game Duration - 4 quarters - 10 minutes each - 2 minute break between quarters with a 5 minute break at halftime.  The clock will be stopped at the 5 minute mark of each quarter for both teams to substitute.

3. Running clock except for injuries and mid-quarter substitutions.

4. No penalty kicks or direct kicks - indirect kicks only.

5. No Slide Tackling allowed.

6. Throw-ins from the sidelines and goal kicks or corner kicks from the end line.  Please allow some latitude on throw-ins while emphasizing proper technique.  Six yards (goal) kicks are taken from anywhere on the end line.    Defending team players must back-up to midfield line.

7. Each player should play half of each game.  Before one player plays four quarters all players must have played in three quarters.  If a child refuses to participate for any reason, please let his/her parent know at the end of the game why the child did not participate.  If you have trouble with a child, please attempt to work it out by discussing the problem with the child’s parent(s).  If you are still unable to resolve the problem, please contact the coordinator so he/she can assist.

8. Substitutions at mid-quarter break, quarter break, or injury only.

9. All players must wear shin guards.  Cleats are optional.

10. All players must remove jewelry and watches before practices and games.

11. U8 games do not have a referee assigned and coaches should share referee responsibilities.  Coaches should instruct and encourage players throughout the game. 

12. U-8 soccer does not keep score.  This is a time for players to build confidence and skills while having fun.

13. There are no off-sides.

14. Players and coaches must shake hands after the game, preferably at the center line.

15. Coaches must use discretion with dominate players.  Encourage passing to less dominate players.   Try to ensure a competitive game.  If the game starts to get lopsided (3 goals), the stronger team should move better players to the back, or take a player off the field.

16. Coaches should confer with opposing coach to review game rules so that all parties understand the way the game will be structured.

17. Please encourage your team’s parents to offer only positive commentary.

PLEASE NOTE: It is my recommendation as coordinator to ask your team to arrive 15 minutes prior to game time. This provides coaches time to gather your team for pre-game instruction, stretching, and small drills to prepare them for the beginning of their game. These things should be happening prior to being able to use the game fields; it is our goal to BEGIN all of our games promptly.

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